Reputation Marketing & Brand Development

Whether you are a sole proprietor or a corporation… building a brand and creating a trusted reputation on the web is paramount to your success.  

Because of major changes by Google, your branding and reputation are being significantly affected by your company’s web presence, authority and social influence in many different areas.

But where to market and how is the question that many companies are struggling with. Simply because of the numerous modalities of social media such as: Google +… Facebook… Pinterest… YouTube…  LinkedIn… to name a few.  Social media sites are fluid in the fact they are constantly changing and becoming more complicated to manage and understand. Review sites are also a source of prosperity or doom because of some types of comments made by unscrupulous customers on the web.

With introduction of mobile into the mix, marketing and managing all of these resources has become a monumental task, even for large corporations.  The fact is… you can’t do this alone and be successful at it.

To help you develop your brand and reputation, we have created this website with the following mission in mind.

OUR MISSION:  Is to be your advocate for success by offering products, services, training and information that will put you on the cutting edge for creating your Brand and building a respected Reputation on the Web.


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The 9 Objectives of Reputation Marketing

Google has changed the rules for building and marketing your online assets.  Sites must deliver a “thematic silo” of content that builds on 9 specific elements that contribute to the user experience of site visitors.

  • Credibility
  • Popularity
  • Leadership
  • Influence
  • Brand Recognition
  • Authority & Positive Trends
  • Celebrity
  • Testimonial Support
  • Author – Writer Status

The days of using a single home page as the draw card for everything is gone.  Site developers must create their foundation around niche keyword research and build sound thematic structure and graphic designs based on best practices as required by the search engines… especially Google.

Each element as listed above contributes to your rankings in the search results and the building of organic traffic.  Each page and post must have a purpose and be related to the overall theme of the site.  Failure to deliver acceptable content will ultimately hurt how you are found by customers.

 Are You Being Found?

Developing your Brand and creating a online Reputation as an authority in your niche requires that you communicate effectively targeting the modalities listed above.  Having an congruent look and feel to your material on the web is extremely important.  These are your business “assets” and they can make or break you in the eyes of the consumer and the search engines.

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