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Video = Attraction & Conversion

Are you using video on your website?

Online videos are the future of internet marketing and the future is NOW!  Videos can relate a message to your customer more quickly... have greater retention and influence than the written word.
Your customers are also looking for instant gratification to their online search and nothing does that better than video.

Choose The Right Type Of Video  

We offer many different types of videos to enhance your message.  

Here Is A List Of Video Creations We Offer 


Type 1: Explainer Video

Explainer videos are designed to address a specific problem, explaining a company's product or service, and for answering questions consumers may have. This can be created using avatars, talking head or doodle type videos.


Type 2:  Video Sales Letter (VSL)

A VSL is a video modality that replaces a written sales letter to persuade a viewer to take action. This video format can also be created to effectively conduct training combining audio and video.


Type 3:  Logo Stingers, Intro/Outro Videos

Enhance your brand with short Logo and video introductions to other types of video creations. Create Intro & Outro videos to be congruent with all your video presentations.


Type 4: Interactive Videos

A special technique for creating an interaction with the viewer using video.

Video Informations and Samples

Explainer Video - Sample
Video Sales Letter (VSL) - Sample

Logo Stinger Sample 

Intro Video Sample

Introducing: Interactive Videos

With Interactive Videos you can walk your customer through an entire sales or training process.

Create multiple videos that respond to customers choices so the material they see is targeted and relevant to them.

Sample Interactive Video 

Check out the sample Interactive video to see how you can guide your customers to where they want to go.  Provide targeted videos directly to the needs of your customer.  No more guessing.  Take the dentist sample for a test drive to see how impressive and intuitive this method of marketing can be.  At the end of the video select one of the choices to see what happens. Refresh page and try a different option.

Tailored products just for you

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